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Socrates Sculpture Park: Jeffrey Gibson

"Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House" 

Jeffrey Gibson’s "Because Once You Enter My House It Becomes Our House" is inspired by Indigenous North American peoples and cultures. The sculpture pays homage to pre-Columbian Mississippian architecture, and to camp aesthetics. Gibson designed the multi-tiered structure to reference the architecture of the ancient metropolis of Cahokia, which was the largest city of the North American Indigenous Mississippian people.  The earth mound of the pre-Columbian ziggurat is represented in Gibson’s multi-tiered monument with a plywood structure adorned with a vibrant surface of wheat-pasted posters. The posters integrate geometric designs inspired by the Serpent Mound located in Ohio, another monument of the Mississippi Valley, alongside texts that operate as activist slogans. Gibson also curated Indigenous led performances to activate the structure over the course of the installation.

Check out the work!

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