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Luhring Augustine: Richard Rezac "Richard Rezac"

Richard Rezac’s self titled show showcases sculptures that take on many characteristics of paintings, asking the viewer to question if the work should only fall into one category.  Rezac’s background in painting particularly shines through with his color palette, each piece varying in vibrancy and subtlety.  The objects displayed mirror everyday objects giving a sense of familiarity, however Rezac’s touch leaves them in between representation and direct presentation.  


The placement is taken into consideration how it is related to human height and space.  Spacial intentionality is at the core idea of the exhibition.  Rezac plays with the viewer’s relation, so each experience with the objects is personal and private.  


Richard Rezac was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1952.  Rezac's work is currently featured in The Making of Husbands: Christina Ramberg in Dialogue at 49 Nord 6 Est, Lorraine, France; the show originated at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, and will travel to the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK. He has received the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship, the Rome Prize Fellowship at the American Academy in Rome, the Joan Mitchell Foundation Award, and the Louis Comfort Tiffany Award, among others.

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