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Noise Art Magazine is committed to enriching the macro arts community.  Find below a list of non profit organizations dedicated to making sure that arts remain for everyone.  

If you wish to add a non profit organization to the list email: 


Native Arts Initiative

First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) works to build healthy economies in Indian Country based on strategies that emphasize Native communities controlling their assets, including cultural assets, institutional assets, natural resource assets and political assets among others. As a cultural asset for Native communities, art has been an integral part of sustaining Native nations, culture, language and traditional beliefs, shaping community and family ties and cultural pride.


Native Arts and Cultures Foundation

Since 2011, the NACF has supported artists whose innovative and multifaceted approaches to literature, dance, visual arts, film, storytelling, music, and traditional arts strengthen culture, foster creativity and economic opportunity, and impact issues of social progress, environmental sustainability, and cultural equity.

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