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Lockdownpalooza #1

Saturday night, March 13, Noise Art Magazine presented its first livestream event.  The line-up consisted of four amazing acts: Lily Ryder, Joelle Bensaid, Similar Kind and Punchlove. 


Lily Ryder shined with her acoustic guitar and angelic vocals.  Her debut EP Movement 4 is available on Spotify and Apple Music.  Joelle set the mood with a purple glow and a candle to reflect her dreamy and intimate song selection.  Her Fleetwood Mac cover would make Stevie Knicks proud.  Her debut EP is coming out soon, stay tuned!  Punchlove's hypnotic tracks put the listeners in a trance.  The harmonies were tight and the matching orange and black outfits solidyfied the band as one with a vision.  Similar Kind played pulled a screen inception and played inside a TV.  They performed their hit, "Nobody Loves You" and another original track "Over There".  

After the performances there was a Q&A where inspiration and summer 2021 goals were discussed.  

Lily Gaunt created the poster advertisement for the event.  

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