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Joelle Bensaid: "To No Avail"

To No Avail.jpg

Joelle Bensaid’s highly anticipated debut single “To No Avail” was released on August 27, 2021. 


The lyrics tell the story of self-discovery with a mature and sophisticated flare. The lyrics suggest that Joelle is searching for who she is in the mirror, but her musical identity is easily identified. 


“To No Avail” beautifully weaves folk, jazz and dashes of gospel. Her nostalgic influences transport the listener back to a period reminiscent of a smokey jazz club in downtown New York City while managing to still be modern and fresh with listeners today.  


The instrumentals leave space for Joelle’s ethereal  voice to shine while the choir-like background vocals add counter-weight and a rich, soulful balance to the song.  “To No Avail” has a steady build and the continued layering of instruments such as strings and horns help strengthen the idea of trying to look toward something more.      


Joelle’s vintage influences are also seen in the single’s cover art.  She referenced Photoplay Magazine, one of the first American film magazines founded in 1911.  Joelle’s vision of merging historical gems with modern relevance is abundantly evident in both the art and her music.   


“To No Avail” is a mesmerizing and beautiful first entrance onto the music scene. Her upcoming EP is sure to be nothing short of a timeless classic. 


Check out "To No Avail"!

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