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Glass Animals: "Dreamland"

Dreamland is a fitting title for the album, a hazy collection of sounds that sharpen and fade through stories of former friends, regrets, and snippets of memories.  A glossy new album that finds Glass Animals well into their groove and giving their fans what they want, the misty synths surely leave an imprint on the listeners memory.  The psychedelic guitar licks and synths are pitted up against hip hop drums, the genre bending makes this album pop gold.  Bayley describes his dedicated process, “I bought a lot of instruments that The Beatles and The Beach Boys might have used, and resampled them on samplers that Timbaland and Dr. Dre used. And vice versa, I used a lot of the samplers that Dre and Timbaland used, and recorded those through the tape machines and weird amps that the Beatles and Beach Boys would have had.”


“I wanted this album to be a full reflection of life,” Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley explained.  The poetic lyrics are personal and specific giving the reader a reflection of Bayley's life.  Snippets are inserted into songs that are directly from childhood home movies having an autobiographical effect.  The crackling home movies are also a smart contrast agains the sleek production. 


The music videos are all made during quarantine and highlight the visual creativity of the band as well.  

Listen to Dreamland!

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