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Ehahn: Forget My Name

Ehahn released her new single "Forget My Name" April 9, 2021.  She was recently signed to Dime and Dog Records. 


The piano loop is the dominant instrument with accents of synths that brings an element of nostalgia and vulnerability .  The lyrics weave the story of a romance that faded out and her voice brings another level of emotionality to the song.  The story is of the other person in a relationship who doesn’t care or put effort into the relationship until you move on.  Then all a sudden, they want you back.  Ehahn reached out to a high school friend, Realremy, whose rap bridge blends this song into the R&B genre.


The chorus is more layered than the verse that changes the mood and helps show off Ehahn's multi-instrumental talent.  



Check out "Forget My Name"  

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