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Noise Art Magazine is a digital showcase that highlights the personalities and works of college artists and musicians in New York City.  N.A.M also features weekly gallery and concert reviews.  

To inquire about writing a gallery or concert review, or photographing an event, please contact: and include sample images or texts. 


To be considered for a profile piece please email: Include a short bio, images, videos and/or links to your work.   

Our Team


Devon Gordon is the Founder and Chief Editor at Noise Art Magazine.  She founded the magazine to bridge the gap between the art galleries in New York City and college students.  In addition to being an artist, Devon is also a musician and created a platform to showcase her two passions.  Devon Gordon has also worked at high end galleries in Chelsea, NY and has curated pop up shows in Brooklyn and Manhattan.  Devon is a current Fine Arts student at Pratt Institute and works in the mediums of oil paint, spray paint, wheatpaste and others.  Her work explores the distortion of the body and places emphasis on the hands.  

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Lily Gaunt is a visual poster  and writer contributor.  She is a multimedia artist living in San Diego.  She studied graphic design and painting at Pratt Institute for years and is currently working at Connect San Diego where she displays her works alongside a multitude of local artists.  Lily loves creating and collaborating with other artists and musicians.   

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